Growing up I had a fascination with horse racing, brought about
by the simple excitement of the spectacle of racing and its
‘glorious uncertainty’.

I spent many hours studying the weekly paper copies of the official Form Book – at that time the only real source for analysis – and kept detailed logs of fictitious bets (slightly unusual behaviour I agree but surely more worthwhile than collecting stamps). Racing was then put to one side as I grew up whilst I pursued my professional career as civil engineering consultant.

However, several years ago my interest in racing was re-kindled and I launched myself into a re-discovery using the latest, powerful database software to assist analysis. After several years of successful  professional betting I decided to set up this website as I genuinely believe that we can offer serious long term returns on modest investment.

‘If you’ve been so successful, why have you set up tipping website? Why not just continue betting on your own?’

These are the obvious questions that many of you may ask. The answer is quite simple – bookmakers do not like repeated success! And as they are not obliged to accept bets from everyone they simply close or heavily restrict the accounts of the repeatedly successful. I have had numerous accounts affected in this way in recent years. Whilst I retain a small network of friends to place bets on my behalf, the natural solution for me is spread the bets amongst a wider group of interested people.