Our selection methodologies are based in part on long and medium term trends in racing that are identified with the use of a powerful database and numerous analysis tools.

These tools and techniques are out of reach for the general betting public, which ultimately sets the market, and is one of the elements that provides our edge. In this day and age there is a vast amount of information in the public domain – much of which is misused by the racing industry and press often due to basic misunderstanding of statistics. Our analysis is backed up by a sound understanding of statistical significance (i.e. what is random and what is not) of past results.

We put in the hours

Statistics are revealing but they are not sufficient in themselves. We analyse hours of live racing and recordings every day to get a full picture of how horses, jockeys and trainers have performed in particular circumstances. The amount of time we spend on analysis is simply not possible for the majority of the betting public. We understand the nuances of racing and pride ourselves on the exercising of rational judgement, both of which are pre-requisites for successful betting.

But the critical factor is in achieving value for money. It is one thing to identify a potential winner of a horse race but quite another to judge whether the price (odds) offered are good value. Long term profitability depends on ascertaining when the market under-estimates the chance of a given horse and this is an aspect that we pay particular attention to, often selecting bigger priced winners.


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