The racing business has a shady reputation, with hustlers and charlatans never far away. We aim to make betting on horse racing a respectable financial investment.

People always have and always will be taken in by scams and offers too good to be true. We have taken 2 simple steps to demonstrate that our service is genuine, reasonable and based on long term profitability:

1. No Win No Fee

We are confident that our selections will provide you with a profit to the extent that our service is No Win No Fee for every full quarter (3 months) of your membership.  For any quarter for which you are a member we guarantee a full subscription refund for that quarter if a profit is not made.

2. Free 1 Month Trial

Don’t just take our word for it, sign up for a ONE MONTH  trial, free of charge and no strings attached. See for yourself the profits we can generate.


(No credit card required. That’s a promise)